Topnotchers Philippines Med. Tech. Board Exams March 2011

The Topnotchers for the Philippines  March 2011 Med. Tech. Board Exams ,  according to PRC are:

Topnotchers for MT Boards March 2011

1 Jose Louie Dela Cerna Remotigue Southwestern University 89.60%
2 Rayna Kariya Abendan Cebu Doctors University 87.80%
3 Paul Rothwel Condino De Jesus Adventist University of the Philippines 87.50%
4 Clint Edel Borinaga Frias Our Lady of Fatima University Valenzuela 86.70%
5 Lito Jay Gutierrez Dumayas Centro Escolar University Manila 86.60%
6 Terrence Edward Chua Lee Saint Louis University 86.50%
7 John Mark Deniega Tuting Adventist University of the Philippines 86.30%
8 Joseph Reuel Billete Cruz Centro Escolar University Manila 86.20%
9 Jennifer Aubrey Loteyro Molina

Ma. Cecilia Vanessa Manlangit Serrano

St. Scholastica’s College Tacloban

Centro Escolar University Manila



10 Jenes Payo Manching St. Scholastica’s College Tacloban 85.70%

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