Top 7 Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

Majority of people would have a New Year’s Resolution. This is because everyone would like to change for the better. You may want to learn new ideas for unusual New Year’s Resolutions.

#1 – Break a World Record

This is an unusual New Year’s Resolution that could be self-fulfilling, should you be able to achieve it. You should choose something you are passionate about so that you won’t have a difficult time reaching your goal. This could be as simple as growing your hair the longest you can.

#2 – Join a national competition

Of course this wouldn’t be unusual if you are used to this activity. If not, then you could join Quiz Bee contests or Beauty Pageants. If you win, the pride and prestige would be a whole new high for you; you would not even consider the prize.

#3 – Learn new unusual talents

You can learn magic or try being a contortionist, or a high wire exhibitionist. You can also try to learn how to walk on fire. These are skills that could be learned. If you are committed to learn, nothing is impossible. This is one of the Top 7 Unusual New Year’s Resolutions.

#4 – Do a good deed for a stranger everyday

This is an unusual New Year’s Resolution because who could possibly do one good deed to a stranger on a daily basis? The self-fulfillment, however, is superb when you are able to achieve your goal. This would be a noble goal.

#5 – Write a book

Anyone can write a book if he has enough patience and diligence. You would have to learn first how to write, and then how to compose, and format a book. It is hard work and a tedious process but it can be done, just like what author Holly Jahangiri did with this book.

Trockle by Holly Jahangiri

#6 – Donate to a charitable Institution every month

You can make this as one of your New Year’s Resolutions. It is a noble resolution, which can be upheld not by everyone, especially if you’re an indigent yourself.

#7 – Be a world leader

Unusual but possible, why not? You can if you keep trying until you attain your goal. You have the online social media to help you out. You can be a world youth leader on human rights. For sure, the world needs someone to spearhead a movement against violence to women based on recent rape events. You could also promote world peace around the globe.

These are unusual but challenging New Year’s Resolutions that you could adapt this 2013.

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