Top 6 Exciting Things to Do before 2013 Ends and The New Year 2014 Begins

The year 2013 ends in a couple of hours, and the New Year, 2014, would dawn. Before these happen, here are Top 6 Exciting things you can do before 2013 Ends:

1. Visit all family and friends you have ignored in 2013

You may want to bury past grievances, hurt and pain with the outgoing year; that way, you would be able to welcome the New Year with a peaceful and happy heart. When you have finally forgiven or have noticed your loved ones, you do not only restore peace and calmness to other people, but to yourself, as well. Imagine, the nights of insomnia you have spent in your anger and pride. Get rid of it. This 2014, you could now sleep peacefully, once the anger and pain is gone from your heart.


exciting things to do before New Year

2. Do something different before the New Year strikes

It does not matter what it is, or how simple it may be, just do something different. You could go skiing, ski-diving, swimming in the nude, writing a short story, or dancing. What is important is that you let go off yourself for a while.

3. Pamper yourself

After making peace with everyone, you could go ahead and pamper yourself. Have that much needed haircut; that relaxing foot spa and body massage, or you could buy yourself a new pocketbook, if you so desire. Make time for the “me” hours. You deserve it. Two to three hours of well-spent “me” hours are good for recharging and renewing your vigor.

4. Write down your New Year’s Resolution

Writing down your New Year’s Resolution can never be outdated. Writing your plans to become a better person is always needed so that you would know what to improve in yourself. When you write down what you plan to do this coming 2014, you could easily be reminded of these resolutions. You could conveniently put a check mark, also, once you have accomplished successfully the item/event.

5. Spend time to meditate

You could not write a significant New Year’s Resolution if you do not meditate first. Spend at least an hour or two to think about what happened in 2013. What infractions did you commit? What would you like to achieve? You could be more objective and assess your SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.) Meditating could also relax you, mentally and physically. This would get you ready to meet the challenges of the New Year. You could do this every day from thereon.

6. Choose to be happy

You can choose to be happy while doing all these things. In this way, when New Year comes, you would be in a jovial spirit welcoming the New Year. Happiness is a choice, so do not bring misery upon yourself. Choose to look at the brighter side of life. This is an exciting thing to do, especially if you often are inclined to be a pessimist. Practice being an optimist and observe how it could change your life forever. You do not have enough money to do all these things? Well, at least you are alive and kicking, and with that, there are always ways to accomplish great things. Think out of the box and use your ingenuity.

May you welcome the New Year -2014 with joy, peace and love.

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