Top 6 Cheap but Great Gifts This Christmas that You Can Easily Make

It’s Christmas once again, and the spirit of giving is amongst us. It’s like Christmas is not complete without you receiving and giving a gift. Not many people could afford buying gifts for everyone though. If you are among the silent majority, who try hard to make both ends meet, then here are Top 6 cheap but great gifts this Christmas that you can make.

Gift #1 – A Poem

Yes, Virginia! If you know how to compose a poem, then this is one of the cheapest but most significant gifts you can give this Christmas. Compose a poem specifically for each of your loved one and friends, type or write it down in a colored paper and then give it as a gift. You may create your own envelope or buy one that matches the size of your card. The envelope would cost only a few cents. It would also be one of the greatest gifts because it comes from your heart.  Isn’t it a cheap but great gift this Christmas?

Gift #2 – A Photograph

If you have a memorable photograph of you and the person, you can turn it into a Christmas card with some dedication. Just like the poem, you can make it personalized to suit the preferences of your recipient.  It’s inexpensive, right?

personalized Christmas card
Image credit: Brian Elevado

Gift #3 – Christmas Card

Just like the first two, all you need are cardboards, colored or bond papers, scissors, paste and some natural items, such as twigs, leaves, flowers, or stones – anything around you that you could creatively add to your Christmas card. If you have actual pine trees around you, you can use the leaves, twigs, and cones to design a small or big Christmas card, which is original and cheap but meaningful.

Gift #4 – Hand Embroidered Item

This needs preparation way ahead of time. You can hand embroider her photo or image on cloth and mount it. This could be time consuming but is cheaper than letting someone do it for you. What more, it demonstrates that you have set aside time for your recipient to prepare his/her Christmas gift.

Gift #5 – A Paper Figure

There are many such items online. They even provide you with a step by step procedure on how to do it. You can print the figure from your online source for free and start creating your figure. There are many figures to select from: angels, planes, motorcycles, boats, stars, boats, lions, and many more. You can select your recipient’s favorite. Then you can personalize it by putting his/her name on it. It’s cheap but is a great gift for your loved ones and friends this Christmas.

Gift #6 – A Vow

This will not cost anything but it would be the most significant gift you could give a loved one or friend. A promise not to drink or gamble anymore would be a Christmas gift that is priceless. If you have previously cheated on your loved one, a vow that it won’t happen again is a most special gift. You can write this down on a bond paper and seal it with a hug or kiss – a cheap but great gift this Christmas, don’t you agree?

5 thoughts on “Top 6 Cheap but Great Gifts This Christmas that You Can Easily Make”

  1. In addition to the mentioned above inexpensive gifts we can make or give to someone we love is our time or presence spent w/ our loved one.

  2. In addition to the above mentioned inexpensive gifts we can make or give to someone we love is our time or presence spent with them. 🙂


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