Top 6 American Idol 2012 Contenders with Queen Songs List Suggestions for April 25

The Top 6 American Idol hopefuls will sing Queen Songs on the performance show on Wednesday, April 25. Here are suggestions for each of the AI 2012 contestants.

Roger Taylor
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Queen Songs suggestions:

Jessica Sanchez:

“Keep Yourself Alive”

“Funny How Love Is”

“Now I’m Here”

Phillip Phillips:

“Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon”

“You’re My Best Friend”

“Keep Yourself Alive”


Joshua Ledet:

“Another One Bites The Dust”

“We Will Rock You”

“The Show Must Go On”


Skylar Laine:

“She Makes Me”

“The Millionaire Waltz”

“Seaside Rendezvous”


Elise Testone:

“Sleeping On The Sidewalk”

“The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke”

“Who Needs You”


Hollie Cavanagh:

“Body Language”

“Radio Ga Ga”

“Rock In

Rio Blues”

Colton Dixon, who was eliminated from

American Idol Top 7 in a shocking turn of events, was supposed to sing “The Show Must Go On,” but this would not happen. Reactions of AI hopefuls and the judges’ were of incredulity, but they could not do anything. Who among the idol contestants would sing Colton’s pick?

The Top 6 AI contestants will be performing with Roger Taylor and Brian May, Queen’s drummer and guitarist, on the results show the following evening.

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