Top 3 X Factor Philippines Finalists Perform for the Finale, October 6, 2012

The Top 3 X Factor Philippines Finalists performed for the Finale, this October 6, 2012. Asia’s nightingale, Lani Misalucha and the Top 3 X Factor contestants, Daddy’s Home, Gabriel Maturan and KZ Tandingan performed the opening number, “Raise Your Glass.”

The Top 3 finalists were greeted by their fans from Digos City, Davao City, and Marikina City.

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Gab was greeted by his friends and relatives from Zamboanga Del Norte who went all the way to Cagayan de Oro to wish him luck.

KZ Tandingan’s supporters from her home city of Digos also wished her well from Davao City.

“KZ, you’re making us all KZ here.”

“KZ, we love you.”

The supporters of Daddy’s Home in Marikina City had expressed their unfaltering support for them too, chanting their name, over and over.

The first performer was Daddy’s Home with a Gary Valenciano’s inspirational song: “Gaya ng Dati.

The dads were all in pristine white, which was appropriate for their song. When they sang, everyone was captivated by the beauty of the song that was given meaning by their perfectly blending voices.

The judges were nearly speechless after Daddy’s Home nailed the song. Martin Nievera said: “…even Jesus would say, ‘Daddy’s Home.’

Gary V. said, after praising their performance,

“I love you guys, so much.”

The dads were lachrymose, wiping tears from their eyes.

Next to sing was Gabriel Maturan with “I Believe.” Martin said it was  his best performance of all his performances, adding that it was a difficult song to sing, but Gab was able to pull it through by his lonesome self, doing what many persons were supposed to have done.

Even the judges, Gary, Pilita and Charice lauded his performance, saying it was his best.

KZ Tandingan came next with “Superstar.” She sang it in her own style with so much emotion that people seemed enchanted with her performance. The fans chanted her name after her song.

Martin said:

“What else can we say about KZ? I love you.”

Charice, KZ’s mentor, revealed she was so nervous for her, but was exultant, she was able to perform the song beautifully.

Vina Morales also performed one of Jennifer Lopez’s songs, while Bamboo rocked the stage as well. There were also heartwarming performances of the guest singers with the Top 3 finalists.

Asia’s noted singer Nina sang “Through the Fire” with Daddy’s Home, and it was a “wow” performance with the dads sailing through the notes with perfect blending voices.

Rico Puno, who is considered as one of the “Kings” of OPMs sang a song he popularized, “The Way We Were.” It was a touching and beautiful rendition of the Taglish (Tagalog-English) song. KZ Tandingan sang like a professional singer beside the seasoned singer, Rico J. Puno.

Bamboo and Gabriel Maturan sang “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” Gabriel Maturan held his own with the pro singer, Bamboo.

Afterwards, the voting lines are officially opened. To vote using cell phones, text the appropriate handle for your favorite contestant.

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Tomorrow, October 7, 2012, the Top 12 X Factor Philippines contestants will take to the stage to perform again. The judge-mentors, Charice, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and Pilita Corrales would also be performing with the X Factor Top 12 contestants.

The Top 3 X Factor Philippines contestants were all superb, it would be difficult predicting who would win and be crowned tomorrow as the winner.

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