Top 3 Greatest ‘Sins’ of the Aquino Administration this 2013

These Top 3 Greatest ‘Sins’ of the Aquino Administration for 2013 are based on articles that the author collated from various online news reports. As 2013 comes to an end, it is only proper that a review of what the government’s ‘fumbles’ be presented. Only a few of the media reported about the ugly truth because, “The media should only report the good news”, which is not truthful reporting. If CNN’s Anderson did not reveal the truth about Tacloban, there would be no outpouring of donations and aid from all over the world. So here goes:

Top 1 – The slow response to typhoon Yolanda victims (Haiyan)

DILG Mar Roxas was seen on video arguing about how Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban should give in and write a formal letter first before the government could come in and help. A formal letter, when at that very minute people are dying in Tacloban, is simply incomprehensible. It was an emergency situation and should be responded to as such – with urgency. In spite of Mar Roxas’ explanation that he was not politicking, various people believed he was.

President Noynoy Aquino PH
Philippines President Noynoy Aquino

If the DILG secretary would read how President Barack Obama helped Gov. Chris Christie, in any way he can, after Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey, he may have been enlightened. There is only one question the president asked: “Can I come?” just 2 to 3 hours after the storm,  and from there the two put aside all political colors and worked as a team. President Obama responded immediately, and made it his priority to personally ensure that the victims were attended to.


Top 2 – Downplaying the death count

The number of deaths due to typhoon Haiyan has not been widely publicized in the news lately. Why? Perhaps, because the government’s effort to downplay the deaths to more or less 2,500 has been proven wrong? These are not merely numbers, these are people with families and friends and who deserve respect.

Dr. Raquel Fortun, the forensic expert, who walked out of Tacloban, had disclosed that President Aquino only wants to hear the good news, unlike, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who wanted to hear everything, including the bad.

The death count is over 5,000, and is mostly reported in the international news.


Top 3 – Responding immediately to the SM Mall’s robbery

This incident shows that they could respond immediately, if they so desire. In the Skyway accident where a score of people died, and the NAIA shooting incident, they were not there. What message does this scenario present to people? You be the judge.

Top 3 – Saying insensitive remarks

Bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo”

No matter how ‘innocent’ this has been said. It is still an insensitive remark, especially to persons suffering from loss of property and lives. It is like saying the government does not truly care about the victims. Well, the government helped and is helping, oh, so slowly, amidst the tremendous outpouring of aid from other countries. Foreign media observed that the developments on the ground have still to equal the foreign aid. An example is this: Why build temporary homes when the government could build concrete houses from donations?

“Boring kung walang problema.”

Does the president even understand that problems would mean more suffering for his constituents? Or does he only consider himself in referring to problems? He may not have experienced any of the daily travails of millions of poor Filipinos because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but people in government should be careful of what they say because words could inflict more pain than they could imagine. That is precisely why the ‘pen is mightier than the sword.’

There are more of the government’s sins than these 3 mentioned, such as, the Dasma-Binay encounter, the Napoles Pork Barrel Scam, the on-going Hacienda Luisita farmers-Police encounter, and many more that was not mentioned.

Diligent taxpayers would like to be assured that people in government have sufficient wisdom, intellect, sensitivity, honesty, and nobility of character to lead this nation to salvation.

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