Top 12 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are one of the things that you can recycle after the holiday season. With the present economic recession, you should be innovative enough to think of ways and means to recycle materials for a different purpose or preserve them for the same future use.

To a dynamic and creative mind, nothing is ever considered garbage; the weeds in your backyard could be turned into fertilizers ; those egg shells could be painted and converted into beautiful house decors; and yes, those old Christmas cards could be recycled and be made useful again.

How can you recycle your old Christmas cards? Here are some tips for you:

1. You could utilize them as Christmas tree decors. Hang them together with the bells in your Christmas tree. You would be surprise at how the vibrant colors of the cards lend uniqueness to your tree.

2. If you would like to save, then you could cut out the old cards and create personalized, new ones. All it takes is some of your creative genius and presto! You’ll have a new card for the Yuletide season.

3. Cut them into tiny bits to decorate your Nativity scene or sprinkle your windows with this colorful confetti.

4. Prepare an attractive collage from them. Artfully pasting them all in one big cardboard would make a beautiful wall dcor. You don’t have to buy those wall papers for now.

5. You could create balls, bells, angels, and other materials from these old cards. With paste and a little imagination, you could do wonders with them.

6. They could be made as canopies for your Christmas lights. This would add brilliance and color to the lights.

7. You could paste them all together and use them as gift wrappers or gift bags. Imagine how unique that would look.

8. Cut them into circles and make use of them as place mats for food and drinks during Christmas parties.

9. Cut them into tiny squares and use them as labels for your Christmas gifts.

10. Cut them into any shape (star, bells, etc) and use them as a decoration by stringing them all together and hanging them from wall to wall.

11. You could utilize them in a game portion of your party: i.e. Collage making contest, poster making contest, jigsaw puzzles, cut and past, Nativity scene contest ( The scene where Jesus, Mary and Joseph were in the manger in Bethlehem) etc.

12. Use them to design beautiful hats for your guests. At the end of the party, they could bring this home too. It is something unique that your guests would not forget.

There are several ways to recycle your old Christmas cards. Just allow your imagination to roam freely and you can come up with various ingenious and creative uses. Recycling is fun!

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