Tim Tebow Scores a Touchdown and Earns a Standing Ovation; Trends on Twitter as Netizens React

Tim Tebow has scored a touchdown for his Philadelphia Eagles’ team against the Indianapolis Colts, and earned a standing ovation from football fans on the NFL, Sunday, August 16, 2015.


Tim Tebow, Image credit: Official page Twitter


“Tim Tebow” and “Tebow Time” trended on Twitter as and Netizens react to Tebow’s touchdown at the NFL; his first since 2013.

Tim Tebow has been criticized by some groups for his open declaration of his belief in God, but some Netizens expressed their belief that Tebow should not be criticized for his beliefs but should be praised for his incredible skills as a QB.

From his Official Twitter Page @TimTebow, he tweets Bible quotes and requests help for indigent and sick persons.

Eagles won against the Colts – 36-10.

Here are some reactions of Netizens to his NFL touchdown on Twitter:

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