Three Americans Disarm Gunman on France Train, U.S. President Obama Says They Are Heroes

U.S. President Obama has lauded the three Americans who have tackled a gunman on a France speed Train and called them Heroes. Obama commended their swift and courageous act through a personal phone call to each of them. This was reported by various international news sites on Saturday, August 22, 2015.


The three Americans who tackled gunman in France speed train, Image credit: CNN


The incident happened on a speed train from Amsterdam en route to Paris. A gunman with an assault rifle came face to face with a passenger, who tried to overpower him unsuccessfully. Two passengers were seriously injured, and one of the three Americans was reportedly hurt.

A French actor, Jean-Hugues Anglade, had his middle finger cut when he broke the glass for the emergency brake to help control the situation.

Other passengers jumped in to overpower the gunman when they saw the Americans risking their lives to save many others. Two of the three Americans are US service members, who were on vacation. They are Alek Skarlatos (Oregon National Guard) and Spencer Stone (US Air Force). The third American was Anthony Sadler.

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