They Took Up the Challenge!

Sometimes, we wiggle through life like worms, unable to stand up to the challenges. But there are times that we also tower above our problems like durable, tall bamboo trees, flexible to the strong winds that assail our paths in life.

These young women are like bamboo    plants, strong and unconquered by the rigors and hardships of being students.  They are undeterred by the constant quizzes, difficult assignments and seemingly Herculean task of researching Greek terms, they have just encountered. Nevertheless, they still trudge on, unyielding and indomitable; willing to meet the challenges college life entails until they would be able to succeed.

I laud April Grace, Genn, Aleeza, Kate, and the rest of the group for never giving up on their quest. Go forward and focus on the task at hand.

Mag-aral muna!  Mahal ang gatas!

Good luck guys and may you all turn out to be outstanding professionals someday.

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