“The Tribez” Game for iPads Leads Games’ Free Downloads from App Store; The Tribez Trends on Twitter as Users Tweet Their Reactions

The Tribez” game, which can be downloaded for free directly to iPads or via iTunes, is one of the most downloaded games from the App Stores. Due to this “The Tribez” has trended on Twitter for several days. Users tweeted their game plans and quests.

The game involves tribes existing in various settings. Players assume the role of leaders, who can build their own villages, and manipulate several aspects to ensure their continuing survival.

The Tribez game, Image credit: Tribezgame.com

Aside from iPads, players could also access it through Google, Facebook, Kindle, or through their iPhones or androids.

The Tribez” game earned raving reviews from its users; most of them rating it a 5-star. One user has described it as “colorful and entertaining”, while other players said, “It was interesting.

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