The Royal Wedding: Most Frequently Asked Questions, Is there a theme song?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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The Royal Wedding is just a few days away and Most Frequently Asked Questions surface together with all the glitz and glory that Prince William and Kate Middleton evoke.  The wedding would be featured and talked about in all big TV stations, radio, News and all available media. Business establishments will surely earn from their ingenuity in the wedding of the century. Here are some of the Most FAQ about this century’s Royal Wedding ceremony:

When is the date of the Royal Wedding?

April 29, 2011

Where will the wedding be?

It will be at the Westminster Abbey.

Is President Obama invited?

Apparently, President Obama was not invited. There about 1,900 invited guests, close relatives and friends. Included are Monarchs, celebrities, Kings like the Kings of Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Emperor of Japan, and like personalities.

Is there a theme song for Prince William and Kate?

Yes, the song is sang by George Michael entitled “You and I”. It was originally written and sang by Stevie Wonder in 1972.

There are still many questions that would go on forever.

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