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I remember a story related to me in grade school about how greed could cause one’s downfall.

One day, a greedy monkey came across a squirrel in the forest. He saw that the squirrel had an armful of delicious peanuts. The monkey asked for one and the squirrel was generous enough to share some nuts with him. The monkey however; had other plans; he wanted all the nuts for himself. He grabbed them and climbed the tree – out of reach from the squirrel. In the monkey’s haste, one nut fell and rolled to the ground. Instead of leaving that ONE nut for the poor squirrel, he still descended to retrieve it. Just as soon as he was down on the ground, a roaring lion shot past the squirrel and attacked him.

End of story.

Moral of the story : “Take only what you really need and leave some for others.”

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