The Bride and Wedding Arrangements

The bride is in the center of the limelight during a wedding. People scrutinize every detail in her clothes and accessories including her bridal bouquet. Most brides prefer to use rose because of its elegance, the meaning that goes with its color and the ease of handling it. To top it all, the flower is available all year round and this makes it an inexpensive choice.

Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

The wedding bouquet arrangement has a lot to say when it comes to the price. Long cascading arrangements are more expensive than the simple ones. In order to maximize your wedding bouquet budget, consider the simple arrangements. Hand-tied rose bouquets are often half the price of regular arrangements. The florist simply arranges the roses together, ties them with a string or wire then decorates it with a ribbon. The less flowers you add, the more cost effective your wedding bouquet. This simple yet elegant arrangement is surely an eye catching.

If you are a petite bride, a nosegay arrangement is the best for you. This arrangement presents small and compact flower arrangement that will not overpower you figure. If you are into a sophisticated yet unusual look, a wrist arrangement is good. This arrangement looks like more of a corsage worn on the wrist than a bouquet. This will allow you go out from the traditional flower arrangements.

Type of Rose

Long stem roses are at a higher cost than the short ones. If you prefer a nosegay arrangement, short stemmed roses are sufficient. It provides a more affordable price without sacrificing the look. However, if you go for hand-tied arrangements, you will need longer stems to hold the bouquet.

Color of Rose

To get the most deal from florists, go for the most common color available. Since red, pink and white are the most common colors, they are oftentimes the cheapest variety. Rare colors like yellow and lilac and bi-colors are more expensive. If you prefer expensive colors, you can mix it with a little of the inexpensive types. You get the same sophistication at a lesser cost.

Flower Mixture

Some consider it boring to see purely roses in the bridal bouquet. Aside from adding an effect to the arrangement, it also lowers the cost. Complementary flowers for roses are baby’s breath and lilies. These two flowers give the wedding bouquet a more traditional look. Other unusual flowers include dahlias, orchids and wildflowers. Mix and match your flower arrangement to suit your personality and the theme of the wedding. Do not be shy to use unusual flower combination since more often they create the most memorable bouquets.

Use of Accessories

The accessories you put to your wedding may either increase or decrease the price of the arrangement. The use of trailing pearls gives it a more elegant style but is more costly. To lessen the need for more flowers, the use of flower buds, green leaves, trailing vines and ribbons creates volume in the wedding bouquet. The accessories limits the need for more flowers yet add to the overall statement of the rose bouquet.

When choosing for the best arrangement for your wedding, consider your wedding theme, body size and height. Balance the arrangement so as not to overpower your overall appearance. Put in mind that the center of the limelight is you and the rose wedding bouquet should only complement your beauty.

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