The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults 2012

Halloween is just around the corner and Netizens are quite busy searching for the best costume they could wear during the Halloween Party.

Each person would want to look stunning and be the “Star of the Night.”  Here are some suggestions for best Halloween costumes for both kids and adults.

Iron Man

Since Iron Man is in season as Iron Man 3 is due for showing in UK theaters on April 26, Robert Downey Jr.’s new space armor. This would be an incredible costume for male kids.

The Mandarin

Boys could also dress up as The Mandarin, the villain, whom Iron Man would do battle with. The Mandarin costume is cool and not too bulky. This could be one of the newest best Halloween costumes in 2012 for kids and adults.

Pocahontas or Indian maiden

For girls, the Indian maiden costume or Pocahontas attire would be cool. You can braid your kid’s hair to complement her costume.

Angry Birds

Girls would love the Angry Birds fun costumes. There are various colorful costumes to select for your girl.

Poison Ivy

Your kid can don a green dress, adorned with leaves or tree branches, a red wig, and a crown of leaves.

Avengers, Spider Man, Batman

Just like Iron Man, this is an “in” costume, giving your kids how it feels to be a superhero.

Star Wars

The range of costumes from “Star Wars” is broad. If you are a woman, you can dress as Princess Lea and your partner can play the role of Luke Skywalker, or Obiwan, or Darth Vader, or Yoda. These are some of the best Halloween costumes for kids and adults this 2012.

Disneyland Characters

Cinderella and Snow White are perfect for young girls. For older women, they can attend the Halloween Party as Cinderella’s evil step mother, or Snow White’s witch.

Political Costumes

Adults could be brave enough to wear the mask of the two presidential candidates, Gov. Mitt Romney and President Obama, for a change.

There are thousands of best Halloween costumes for kids and adults this 2012. Look around you and see what’s in fad. What’s important is for you to enjoy your Halloween Party.

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