By Francis Scudellari

Careless he falls into ritual pose
Do dropped, down before this mothering knot;
Her gathering brown limbs, machine-carved smooth
In hollow, molded arc, to cradle him;

His knees nudge close, drawn by a heavy pulse,
Curiosity fed by seeming cord;
Hesitant he fingers the glassy skin,
Conceiving ways through this liquid portal;

Pressed tips against her bulged belly aglow,
Electric blue halos ripple round each;
Touch-transmitted urge: to be reverse born,
Head-first pulled again into womb-like warmth;

To lie, fetal curled in a bubble’s bath,
Washed in white noise, Technicolor shadows;
His senses bombarded numb, readied when
He’s unquestioning tossed, back to the world.


FRANCIS SCUDELLARI of CAUGHT IN THE STREAM (Abstracting Art From Life), is an artist extraordinaire. He draws/paints, writes short stories and poems. His poems have a particular enigmatic appeal that leaves the reader a wide variety of wondrous interpretations.

His artist’s hand reminds me of Gadamer ‘s hermeneutic approach to literature and arts – that of an interplay between the artist and the receiver; that the representation the art implies, should not be taken as is , but as a part of the union of what the artist wants to symbolize and the receiver’s personal experiences . The “space ” between the two is merged. This then produces a new meaning for each viewing individual/receiver – to his work of art.

The poem above is for the drawing posted below. Observe how you would relate the wonderful poem to his drawing. You would experience what I have cited above – the merging of your perception and of his – a dynamic interplay. That is what ” true art” is all about!

Visit his blog and be amazed at his unique brand of art and literature.

Thank you Francis, for the honor.

7 thoughts on “TELEVISION”

  1. Dear jena isle, I think the poem writer has a critical view regarding watching television because he choose words like birth and womb. Television should not be taken that serious and if I meet a person who does, I run…..

  2. Ray, this post was really intended for my other blog, “A Campaign for Non -Violence on TV” which aims to protect children from TV violence, hence; the post. .. and he had depicted it exactly as I wanted it to be.

    You can visit this site to know more about it. Thanks for dropping by.


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