Swimming and Related Diseases: What You Should Know

It is great to be out in the beach in the mornings and evenings, with the cold, ocean air playing on your face and the brackish water pouring in into your pores. But watch out for those diseases that you can catch while enjoying your swim.

You can contract the following intestinal conditions through accidentally swallowing the infected water. These are the following microorganisms you could come in contact with:

1. E. coli infection – causative agent – Entamoeba histolytica – causing diarrhea from contaminated water
2. Shigella infection – causative agent- Shigella bacilli – causing bacillary dysentery and fever, from contaminated
3. G. lamblia – causative agent – Giardia lamblia – causing giardiasis and diarrhea
4. Hepatitis A vrius – causing jaundice and liver damage.
5. Fungi or bacteria – causing Otitis externa or Swimmer’s ear(an ear infection). Swimmer’s ear because of long exposure to water. This occurs especially in children.

Certain skin diseases could also be acquired through the contaminated water; so, before you eagerly splash into the water, make sure the establishment have proper cleaning and sanitation protocols in place.

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