Successful Rescue of a Man Apparently Ready to Jump and End His Life in Brazil; Take Note Rescue Teams this is how to do it

A video of a successful rescue operation of a man apparently ready to jump and end his life in Brazil is fast gaining online popularity as the ingenious stunt gained cheers from offline and online viewers. Take note Rescue Teams this is how you could do it when the person refuses to listen to reason any longer.

The video was shot by a person from another building, and has been featured on some international news reports.

Man on ledge ready to jump

Reportedly, the rescuer was a member of the Special Forces Commando of Brazil. When the man, who was dangling his feet from the window of his apartment, refused to return inside his room even when police coached him to, they had to execute a daring plan – kicked the man back to his room.

Watch the video below.

Successful Rescue Stunt in Brazil

Video credit: WorldNewsJB/YouTube

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