Top 40 American Idol Season 12 Contestants, Vote for Your Favorites in this Worldwide Poll

The Top 40 American Idol Season 12 Contestants have been disclosed by American Idol, and the list is found below.

The success of Season 11’s winner Phillip Phillips is unprecedented with his coronation song “Home” lording it over the other AI songs on iTunes and Billboard charts. “Home” is a certified double platinum song, and is still selling, and on top of music charts.

American Idol Auditions, Image credit: American Idol

Runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, has succeeded too in her singing career with a role in the popular musical drama, “Glee”. She would also be performing in her Valentine’s Day Concert in Manila, together with Colton Dixon.

During the previous seasons, American Idol fans from around the world had cheered for their favorites. This time they can now participate in this unofficial worldwide voting poll set below. People around the globe could now vote for their favorite American Idol Season 12 Contestants.

These votes, however, are unofficial and are not counted in the official results. The official voting poll considers only American votes. This poll acts as a survey only, and would include votes from all viewers around the world, for, who they think, deserves to be the next American Idol.

Here are the Top 40 American Idol contenders. Who would end up the most popular in the world among them? The choice is yours.

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