SONA Protests: Thousands of Protesters Express Disgust against Aquino Government

MANILA, Philippines – While President Aquino was raving about the accomplishments of his government with his State of the Nation Address (SONA), thousands of militants trooped to the streets to express their disgust and discontentment against the Aquino government.

The protesters were greeted with water cannons and barbed wires and everything that the police can do to contain them. They burned an effigy of Aquino and expressed their grievances.

Surprisingly, the event earned only a tiny “corner” news in most national newspapers, and not a headline.

After Aquino’s speech, there were “boos” inside the august walls of the Batasang Pambansa Complex. There were also placards held by some groups inside the complex stating that Aquino’s government was “palpak” (a failure).

Perhaps, the good news about the SONA is that the elite of the country came in their expensive gowns to determine who was the best dressed among them.

To watch SONA, click HERE.


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