Should Husbands Help with the Household Chores?

I oftentimes see a husband come from work, plop a pillow by the TV, and watch while the woman cooks, tends to the children, and sets the table.  I agree that women by nature are more domesticated (Do I hear a violent reaction, from Holly?) He he he) But the problem is, both of them came from work and both of them are tired, so why is the husband not helping with the household chores?  (Thank God, hubby is not like that…lol…it’s the opposite for me. He is the chef; I do the small side chores.)

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But there are countless men, and I don’t mean locally only, who think the home is the turf of the woman and they seem reluctant to help with the household chores. A study conducted by Oxford University showed that many men are still not egalitarians..

Husbands should do housework simply because they should love their wives not only in words but also in action. One way of showing how much they love their wives is by doing housework without any prodding.

Aside from this compelling reason, here are more reasons why husbands should do housework:

1. They are the physically stronger sex so they should do housework! Housework, like washing clothes, vacuuming are physically demanding chores, so it’s only appropriate that husbands help because they are stronger and have more stamina.

2. Most wives nowadays are also career women. They work for a living and therefore share with whatever bills that are to be paid; the household chores therefore should also be shared because the wife comes home tired and needs all the rest she can get.

3. If the wife is not a career woman, taking care of the children alone is a daunting task that needs the cooperation and the helping hand of the husband. You could just imagine the wife getting up several times during the night to feed the baby and then getting up early again to feed the husband who will be going off to work. Only superwoman could stay awake almost all night long and be able to wake up early, day in and day out.

4. The husband should do housework so he’ll know how difficult a wife’s role is and would understand why sometimes a wife is so tired that she could not “cooperate” in the romantic overtures of the husband in bed.

5.  The wife cannot do all the household work.  This is because of so much to do and so little time. If the husband wants everything done in a day, then he has to chip in.

6. Housework is a form of exercise. Husbands who don’t have the time to exercise can adapt these methods and help the wife simultaneously as he exercises; two birds with one stone!

7. Sometimes, housework needs the expertise of a man, and who would be a better helper than the husband? Surely, the wife cannot call in the neighbors to replace a busted bulb, to paint the kitchen door, to attach bolts to a bedpost, etc. Only the husband can conscientiously do all these things, without cost. If couples want to save money, then the husband has to help in the housework.

Mentioned in the first paragraph, however, is the most important reason. A husband should do housework simply because he loves his wife and is willing to help her in all ways that he can.

They did it for love, they got married for love, and now they should work together in love.  Now, that’s true love for me.

What do you think, ladies , should your husbands help you with the chores?

And husbands,  are you willing to help your wives?

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20 thoughts on “Should Husbands Help with the Household Chores?”

  1. I agree, if they both work they should both share in the housework as well. But what if the man's at work while the wife is at home? I have a friend who works his butt off and when he gets home his wife hands him the baby while she goes off. Maybe I'm a make pig, but that doesn't seem right to me.

    • Hi Sire,

      If the man works and the wife stays at home, then that isn't right. The man has the right to rest. He can help during weekends though, or on weekdays when he has already rested. Working in an 8 to 5 job is sometimes more stressful because you have a boss and you have to interact with "strangers."

  2. We are fortunate for this subject can be a 'discussion' now instead of a statement long long time ago. 🙂 I agree with Gomez it's about teamwork, but as you've put it well Jena, there are too many advantages if husbands can help their wives in chores — especially when Valentine's is coming soon this can be a fantastic gift to appreciate the wives; plus, a good chance to show their macho-ness and thoughtfulness, I don't think any wives will take this for granted but in return reward them with much more love, care and admiration. 🙂 Who knows? Maybe granting a special request or some sort. ha…

    And ladies, don't forget to praise and give your hubby a big warm hug if they help out. ^^

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    • Yes, teamwork, Ching, and tender loving care. You remind me of Valentine's day , perhaps they would allow their wives to sit while they prepare dinner …lol…that would be a wonderful picture. I always say to hubby, "This is the best papaitan i've ever tasted ." and he's all smiles. Papaitan is a filipino dish made up of the visceral organs of goats , usually, spiced with chili and bile…lol…yummy…All the best.

  3. ROFL!! No violent reaction here – just a laugh. Not ALL of us are so "domesticated," Jen – and you well know it. I have no complaints; I'm quite fortunate; my husband does bear his share of the load and then some.

  4. Husbands should definitely help in the household chores. We men must also be responsible in matters concerning household. In my case I do much of the cooking. 🙂

  5. Yes, we do things at home 50-50. She cooks, I eat; She cleans, I mess; She fixes the bed, I sleep… But since you know her, you must already know I'm joking, right? LOL. Seriously, doing chores together is a nice way to bond with each other. For example, we don't do the dishes–we talk while playing with suds. 🙂

    • Wow, Luke, it's good to "see" you after such a long time. What galaxy have you been too? Yes, I know her, the lovely attorney. I like what you said about "we talk while playing with suds." What a nice way to put it. She's lucky she has you or you're lucky you have her? lol. Both ways, you're lucky. Best regards and welcome back.

  6. Although I probably won't see the reply (I don't subscribe to comments), I decided to join in on this one.

    Here's my thing. When my wife and I were dating and thinking about moving in with each other, I told her that I'd lived alone for a long time, and I had my habits that I wasn't going to change. I clean, but I'm not one of those folks who has to clean the kitchen on a daily basis; I know few guys who do that. I told her that if she needed things cleaned more often than that, then it was on her, but that I'd get to it when I was ready.

    So, for 13 years it's worked well that way, and she remembers what I said, and we've never had any problems with it because I've always been true to my word.


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