Giving and sharing would be more meaningful if it does not involve only the financial and material aspect but more of yourself as well. In this particular instance, people shared by donating their BLOOD!

Every year in our University, we sponsor and facilitate a voluntary “Blood Letting Program” to encourage people to share what they have and help the less fortunate. The blood bags collected would be donated to hospitals and made available to those who do not have the financial means to buy blood for ailing relatives.

Everyone is encouraged to participate as long as he/she meets the criteria for blood donors. The donor often realizes that his donation is something special because he has really given a piece of himself to other people; that another person lived because of his blood!

BE SOMEONE SPECIAL, DONATE BLOOD VOLUNTARILY ( contact your local blood bank center)!
By the way, donating blood could be good for you. Read more from this link:
Doctor NDTV

This is what true sharing is all about!

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