Security Guards Involved in the Mayor Binay–Dasmarinas Incident to Receive Plaques of Appreciation from Residents

MANILA, Philippines – Circulating on social media sites is the news that the security guards Involved in the Mayor Junjun BinayDasmarinas incident will receive Plaques of Appreciation and Christmas baskets from the Dasmarinas residents.

According to Mike Bucoy, the General Manager of the Dasmarinas Village Association, the security guards did their responsibility and did nothing wrong because ‘the village did not have a VIP policy.

Mayor Binay, son of Vice President Jejomar Binay, was not allowed exit at the Banyan Gate because Dasmarinas Village had a policy of “no exit” after that particular time.

The Binay group, allegedly called in police forces ‘to pacify’, but later, the security guards were ‘invited’, reportedly, to the station.

Netizens were outraged of the alleged ‘abuse of power’ of Mayor Binay and his group, and had made the news viral on Twitter and Facebook, so that the voting public would know.

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