Second Tsunami to Hit Japan: Japanese Authorities Warning to the Public

Second tsunami is to hit Japan as authorities warn the public. Just a few days after the devastating tsunami that killed thousands of people, the authorities have issued a new alert today, March 14, 2011 for a second wave of tsunami. Soldiers and officials from Northern parts of Japan ordered the residents to move to higher grounds.

The country is still recuperating from the damages brought about by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake and giant tsunami last Friday. Apart from the millions of properties damaged and the thousands of lives taken, the people are still in constant threat from the nuclear leakage. According to Japanese authorities, there are around 180,000 residents evacuated because of the risk of nuclear meltdown. An explosion just occurred Monday, March 14 due to hydrogen. The number 3 reactor at the Fukushima plant exploded after the quake-damaged power plant. However, officials insist that there is no significant leakage after the explosion.

As a result of the damage in the nuclear power plant, the country has started rolling the blackouts just to conserve energy. It can be noted 30% of the

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