Samuel Jackson’s Interview about the “N” Word in “Django Unchained”

Samuel Jackson was recently interviewed by Jake Hamilton of Fox about the movie “Django Unchained” which received some flak because it used the “N” word in the movie a lot.

Samuel Jackson prodded the interviewer to say the word, refusing to answer the question.

When Hamilton asked about the controversy surrounding the use of the “N” in the movie, Jackson interrupted.

Samuel L. Jackson, Image credit:

Jackson: “No? Nobody? None? The word would be?” Jackson asked.

Hamilton: “I won’t say it.”

Jackson: “Why not?”

Hamilton: ”I can’t say it.”

Jackson: “Say it.”

Hamilton: “I’m not comfortable saying it,”

Jackson: “Try it.”

Hamilton: “I can’t”

Jackson: “We won’t be having this conversation unless you say it.”

Hamilton then commented that it was a good question but he apologized to TV viewers because they have to move on to another question. He added that the segment won’t be aired if he said the word.

Jackson replied that it wasn’t a good question, if he could not say the word. The two moved on to another question when it was apparent, no one would say the “N” word.

Django Unchained” is Quentin Tarantino’s new film which did well in the box office coming in second after “The Hobbit.”

Django Unchained” trended on Twitter with many Netizens praising the film, and some criticizing it for its controversial theme and language.


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