Samsung Wallet API: An Amazing Phone that Saves Coupons and Tickets to Be Accessed When Needed

The Samsung Wallet is an amazing phone that could save coupons and tickets with an open API. It has some similar features with the Apple Passbook. It is still in its beta testing, though, before March 7, 2013.

Users can access tickets and similar items using one gadget. The Samsung Wallet was unveiled during the Mobile World Congress, and apparently, Samsung has responded to the needs of its customers. Who would not want a phone that features an app that could save significant files, which you could access anywhere?

Samsung Wallet: Image credit: Samsung

Customers are apparently making a bee-line for this Samsung wallet before it finally goes on sale. The wallet will soon be available to the public in May 2013.

Samsung Wallet

Video credit: FrAndroidTube/YouTube

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