Sal Alosi, New York Jets Assistant Coach, Tripped Miami Dolphins’ Player, Nolan Carroll

New York Jets assistant coach, Sal Alosi, tripped Miami Dolphins’ Player, Nolan Carroll with his knee while Carroll was running down the sideline. Alosi later apologized, saying that he made a mistake and that his conduct was “inexcusable.”

Carroll went down without knowing why. This was reported on December 13, 2o1o by ABC News. The incident was captured on video with the Jets coach caught sticking his knee to trip Caroll.

In response to the unexpected and “shameful” behavior, Tony Sparano, Dolphins head coach expressed his intention of sending the play to the league for further action. On the other hand, the Jets team is also looking into the matter before deciding how to proceed.

The Miami Dolphins won with a score of 10-6.

Here is the video from YouTube of the incident.

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