Ryan Seacrest, American Idol Host, Says “Stay Safe, Stay Resilient” Philippines, Amidst Existing Flood-Stricken Areas

Ryan Seacrest
Image Credit: ryanseacrest.com/wikipedia

Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol Host, said “Stay Safe, Stay Resilient” to Filipinos, via his Twitter account.

This is with regards to the floods that inundated the Philippines due to continuous rainfall.

Below is the entire tweet.

Ryan Seacrest@RyanSeacrest

“From London to Manila, my thoughts are with the people of the Philippines. Stay safe. Stay resilient.”

Ryan Seacrest has been an icon in his craft since American Idol started. He is known to be the driving force of the American Idol reality show because of his unassuming but steadfast character.

He acted as the vital connection between the American Idol judges and the contestants.

Ryan Seacrest‘s concern may stem from the fact that he has interacted on American Idol with contestants of Filipino descent like, Jasmine Trias and recently, Jessica Sanchez. Incidentally Jessica’s hometown, Bataan, is also under the disaster-stricken areas.

Jessica Sanchez also tweeted that she is praying for the Philippines.

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