Reactions to the Elimination of Spencer Lloyd on American Idol

The elimination of Spencer Lloyd on American Idol created a ‘stir’ on Twitter by his growing number of fans. Majority of reactions were of shock and dismay. Some even went to the extent of vowing not to watch American Idol this season. His close family and friends, though, have calmly accepted the official results, believing it was “God’s will.”
Spencer Lloyd, Image credit: Spencer’s Instagram

Spencer Lloyd gained already more than 27,800 followers just within a few weeks on Twitter. Being the genuine gentleman and a firm believer that he is, he said nothing derogatory about his elimination, but accepted it gracefully.

With Spencer Lloyd’s charisma and passion for singing, he would definitely go a long way after his American Idol stint.

He tweeted from his account:

Spencer Lloyd ‏ @SpencerLloyd

“#DontListentotheWorld Be yourself because it’s beautiful. God is the music to my words. Romans 12:2 American Idol Season 13 P.O. Box 705 Bryant, Ar 72089″

Spencer Lloyd ‏@SpencerLloyd Feb 23

“And if you guys want to, you can send any fanmail to my P.O. box! Love you #ThaiFam

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