Reactions on Twitter: Alice Munro, 82, the First Canadian and the 13th Woman to Win Nobel Prize in Literature

Alice Munro, 82, is the first Canadian and the 13th woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, and there were joyous reactions on Twitter for her momentous win.

Alice Munro’s first story was published at age 37. From then on she proceeded to write about relationships and the drama that goes with them in her short stories and novels.

Reportedly, she would receive 8 million Swedish Kronor, and, of course, the prestige of being the first Canadian to receive the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature.

On Twitter, Canadians and fans rejoiced in her triumph, just as the notable author predicted.



TheDogintheWindow tweeted:

“I’m over the moon happy with your accomplishments.”

tara macdonald tweeted:

“Alice Munro. Amazing! Way to go, proud moment for Canadians and story lovers today.”

Here are more reactions on Twitter from exultant Alice Munro fans.


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