Re: Inspirational Book Release

I would like to make an announcement regarding the Inspirational Book; there will be a slight delay of one – two weeks on the release of the book, due to some inevitable circumstances.

Rest assured your free copy will be mailed ASAP. If you have not sent your correct email addresses, kindly do so, through the EC dashboard or through my email.

The book is more of a journal type and is soft bound. Please don’t expect glossy, colored pages due to financial constraints. What is important are the thoughts within the pages and the fact that it is a collection from all over the world.

Here are the final entries. If there are any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks.

1, “My Jeepney Ride to Church” by Zorlone
“Remember When” by Tasha Bud
3. “She Didn’t dance” by Roy dela Cruz
4.Let’s Vault in” – by Roy
5. “The Day We Touched the Sun” by Roy
6. “My Philosophy in a Bottle of Ketchup” -by Jan Geronimo
7. “Self-Confidence” by Holly Jahangiri
8. “Inspiration” by Nicholas Chase
9. “It’s Not Too Late” by Jean Knill
10. Nightmare turns into a dream come trueJean Knill 11. “Television” by Francis Scudellari
12. “Blessed Martin and the Fridge by Ken Armstrong
13. “A Simple Theory of Communication” by Patricia Rockwell
14.“The Weeping Girl” by Ray Gratzner
15. “Memories for my Mother by Durano Lawayan
16. “Inspiration 2” by Jim Murdoch
17. “An Angel in Each One of Us” by Angel Cuala
18. “One Decision” by Nancy McCarroll
19. “The Boy Who Saved Christmas” by Ma.Teresa Baniaga
20. “The Laughter of Grief” by John Rooney
21. “A Life Worth Living” by Irene of LifeLots
22. The Curse of the Winter Mistby Buraot
23. Missing the Bus” by Ceblogger
24. Keepin’ the Love Alive” by Mon Paulino
25. “The Boy in the Window by Brady Frost
26. “The Day My Students Taught Me a Lesson” by Gerson Garcia
27. It’s Just Me” by Richard Ryan R. Mergal
28. “My Philosophy in a Couple of Trilogies” by Luke Yu
29. “If I let go, I’m going to drown!” by Rey Rombawa Jr.
30. How I Survived Raising My Son” by Jena Isle

This is the final list for the book. Yehey!!!

UPDATES: ( September 3, 2009)

This anthology is officially called a journal and not a book, as it has been registered as such with its ISSN . This would be in keeping with its yearly publication.

But whatever term applies whether it’s a book or a journal – the contents are still the same for me and it will always be our first Inspirational Book for year 2009.

All systems are on the go, now!

27 thoughts on “Re: Inspirational Book Release”

  1. wow! 27 stories!


    take your time Jena, no hurries 😉

    thanks for making us a part of this endeavour… and for making a dream of mine come true.

  2. Hello Ever,

    he he he, favorite din kita. You can be part of the next issue. I would be very happy if you'll contribute too.

  3. Congratulations, everyone, on the birth of a bouncing baby BOOK!! This is exciting. I'm honored that you invited me to be a part of it, too, Jen. Thank you.

  4. I'm already excited. Wow, this is my first time to be featured in a book. Thanks, Jen.

    Rey, sayang. You've lots of interesting stories. And you write well. Isn't that a great combo? Well, there's the next issue. 🙂

  5. I am number 26! yahoo! may bday! wahahah!

    good thing nakahabol ako wahahha! kung hindi pa kukulitin up to the last minute hindi pa magsasubmit wahahah!

  6. Thirty is our magic number huh? I will be looking forward to see that book. I hope I can have an autograph of those who wrote them. Even in the title page of each entry.


  7. yehaaah! parang dream come true ko na rin ito – to be one of the writers in a book.

    It's really an honor ma'am Jena! Thank you very much!

  8. I'm not dreaming? Wow! Can't wait to see and got hold of the book. hope you could recover your investment. hehehe.Congratulations jena and to all the writers.

  9. Hi Mon,

    oo nga , nabutas ang bulsa. If I were rich, it would have been glossy colored pages. But as they say, make the best of what you have.

    Thanks, I wish I would and would still have some goodies for all of you guys.

    Nevertheless, the only objective I had previously was just to see these wonderful stories in print.

  10. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks, but if you really want to participate, we have the second issue coming after a year.

    So just send in your contributions.

  11. Hi Dee,

    You should have been part of this too, like Luke. I invite you to the second issue for next year. I hope you can contribute. Thanks.


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