Quotes on Relationships, Life and Religion


“Sometimes the more you try to be good to other people, the more you do them harm. It’s important to let people grow and be independent. So they can do things and thrive with or without you.”


Quotes on relationship and life
Quotes on relationship and life


“Do not measure the intellect of a person by the wit of their tongue but by their ability to be patient and to understand other people.”

“Smile and think of everything good that has ever happened to you, then walk away. Taking a chance is better than getting stuck in a place with no room to grow and no space to breathe.”

“Life is no race, there is only one destination and it doesn’t matter who gets there first or last.”

“You won’t get far into the future if you keep dragging around the bones of the past. And you can’t free yourself from the burden of those bones unless you learn to drop them and move on.”

“Sometimes you want to get back at people so badly that the very thought of them makes your blood boil. Then one day you get the chance but you don’t because you realize they’re not even worth it.”

“Among the cards belonging to the Major arcana, the “The world” is the final card as it symbolizes the end of one’s trials and journey. But it can also symbolize the opposite, a new beginning in which one goes back to the start.”

“Whenever an orchid doesn’t bloom along with the rest of its companions I let it be. I know that the plant is only gathering energy and the blooms that will come from it may just be bigger and will outnumber the blooms of those who flowered in time.”

“You can’t force people to keep their promises or do what they said they would do. You can only remind them but that’s about it.”

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