President Noynoy Aquino in Hot Seat; After 4 Months, He Apologizes to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)-Student –Survivors for Slow Response to Tacloban

MANILA, Philippines – President Noynoy Aquino apologized to typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)-student –survivors for the government’s slow response to the needs of Tacloban during the aftermath of the strongest typhoon that ever hit the country.

President Aquino PH
President Aquino PH

In the video courtesy of News5 Everywhere, a student asked:

“We did not receive any help from the government; no relief, no medical care- nothing. It took 3 days before the help came. So, why did you take a long time before the government helped the people of Tacloban during Typhoon Yolanda.”

The president apologized for the slow response but still wormed his way to his usual rationale – the LGU.

This happened when PNoy met the students from Tacloban who were able to transfer to Manila to continue studying. Some quarters think the apology of the president was four months late.

President Aquino was also asked who should people vote in 2016. He replied that people should not vote for “ampaw” (dumb) politicians.  Some Netizens trooped online to say that he is one such example of this type of politician.

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