President Aquino’s Government, Lambasted by Young People during his visit in the US

MANILA, Philippines – President Noynoy Aquino and his government was lambasted and criticized by young people during the Q & A portion in one of PNoy’s appearances in the US.


President Aquino PH
President Aquino PH


The video went viral on Facebook but there was no news about this in local TV stations – news blackout?

Presently, it has 351,220 views, and is expected to increase in number.

One young man asked:

“There are still people who don’t have anything to eat…and you say that…”

The reply? “Next question please…”

A brave young woman took it from there, and stated that the millions of Haiyan donations went to the pockets of government officials.

Afterwards, the two young people chanted several times:

“No justice, no peace, stop the killing in the Philippines.”

Watch video below:


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