Prayers for Japan

Prayer for Japan
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Dear Lord, we pray for Japan that the country would have reprieve from the natural disasters that assail it.

We ask you to grant the people of Japan, resilience, strength, and courage so that they can endure whatever effects the earthquake and the tsunami have upon them and their devastated nation.

We pray for the lost and missing persons that they may be found alive, and if not, be given proper burial and funeral services.

We pray that the explosions of the nuclear plants will not have an enormous effect upon the people and the world. Shield these plants from further damage so that lives and properties would be saved.

May you extend your blessings and benevolent hand to Japan and to this world, that what you have created lovingly with your hands, be spared from further misery and annihilation.

This we ask in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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