Prayer by Someone for a Birthday Celebrant

Lord, thank you for another year of keeping ____ (name of birthday celebrant) alive. Thank you for helping him/her overcome all the obstacles and challenges that came his/her way.

Thank you for his/her loving family and friends for their support during his/her time of weakness.

Thank you for your all-abounding love and for being his/her pillar of strength all these years.

Today is ___ (name of birthday celebrant) birthday. You have given him/her the gift of another blessed year.

He/she knows it would be another year of joy and learning with you around.

Whatever challenges he/she would encounter, He/she knows you’re there beside him/her, and he/she is certain that when he/she could no longer walk, you would carry him/her.

With the knowledge that you are bigger than his/her problems, He/she knows he/she can overcome all of them.


birthday prayer

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