Possible Signs Your Husband is Gay

A man’s physical appearance sometimes does not reveal whether he is gay or not. You have to combine all your deductive abilities and intuitive power to conclude whether your husband is gay or not. To help you out in this daunting task, here are possible signs you can observe to determine if your husband is gay.

He can survive without sex for long periods of time

Men are sexual animals, by nature. This is aptly described by a quotation from Robin Williams, “God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.” This is most especially true at 60 years old and below. The desire decreases as he ages. If your husband does not engage in sex with you for several days, (5 days and above), it could mean only three things, he is sick, he has a mistress or he is gay.

Blast of gayness

He prefers to gawk at men

Beautiful women do not elicit any reaction from him, but when he sees men, you could notice his eyes dilating and his respiration quickening. He would try hard to conceal it, but the physiological changes in his body would betray him. Look for increased respiration, increased agitation, anxiety, restlessness, and uneasiness.

Sci-fi, war games and the sports channel are not any of his choices

Almost all men have some kinship with science-fiction, sports, and war games. If your husband is not interested in any of these three, or in any other common male activities, then, perhaps, he is gay. He would rather spend the night watching romantic movies and reading. This is great if he spends it with you, but if he prefers to spend it alone, then, there is a problem.

He is vain

He is vain. He has a mirror with him, and he checks his face every now and then. He is meticulous about his appearance; has a powder in his bag, a perfume, and wet wipes. He goes for a facial regularly. He, usually, does not grow a beard; he gets irritated when his face is not spotlessly clean. He does not want to stay under the sun, because he might get sun-burned. He blows his top when the house is not spic and span. Genuine men want to ‘dirty’ themselves once in a while.

Your intuition tells you something is wrong

A woman’s intuition rarely goes wrong. Observe what your inner self is telling you. Collate all data before concluding though. Remember, there are always exceptions to the rule. That is why you should also be cautious in concluding whether your husband is gay or not.

Oh, one other thing, notice how he reacts to surprises, does he scream like a woman or grunt like a man. Draw your own conclusions from there. These possible signs could help you decide if your husband is gay or not.

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