Plotdog’s WOOF Results for April 24, 2009


Zorlone – “Falling in line” – With the different kinds of people falling in line, there are other sub-events that transpire while we wait for our turn.

Zorlone – “Freedom once again” –
Initially consisting only four stanzas, this poem is about a little bird looking for freedom. The fifth stanza was added a few days after it was published. “There are different forms of freedom. Sometimes, the unexpected is what we are looking for.”

Roy – “Candlelight” –
Zest for life… how long will it last?

Jennifer M Scott – “fastidous thoughts” –
loss of dreams

About Writing

Izzy Daniels – “Maximizing your Writing Time: Time to Publish – Getting all your work is important, but what about after you are done? In this post I talk about multiple ways of putting your work out on the web.

Fiction / Short Story

Jena Isle – “Started Small” –
A story about the ugly realities of life.

Webbielady – “Their Lip-to-Lips Encounter” –
Their meetings are becoming more limited these days but still as passionate as usual… See how he makes her get lost in his warm touches…

It’s the first time at WOOF (Writers Offering Our Finest), that a writer garnered the top two ranks. Congratulations to ZORLONE for this unbelievable feat.

And to Roy who’s in rank 3, and of course Izzy, Jennifer and Webbielady. Thumbs up for all of us!

4 thoughts on “Plotdog’s WOOF Results for April 24, 2009”

  1. Thanks for the special mention Jena! I don’t know what else to say, but a sincere than you!

    I will continue writing, after what I have learned so far from all the other writers online, I just can’t stop. Maybe just a break once in a while, but not too long.

    I also would like to thank the other writers who I look up to. Especially the frequent WOOF participants.


  2. Hi Jena, I haven’t had a chance to come into it in time. But yes, a lot of entries here are quite good. Kudos to you and your readers.

    BTW, If I wanted to provide you with a story, how will i do it? Just send it to your email?

  3. Hi Doc Z,

    Your deserve the special mention. Congratulations again. Keep writing and good luck in your future endeavours.

    Hi Buraot,

    I’m honored by your visit. Contact me through the EC dashboard if you’e interested to contribute and I’ll send my email through the EC dashboard. It’s not yet late. I’ll be accepting up to May 15.

    Thanks for your interest. Cheers.


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