Phillip Phillips’ Reaction after Winning American Idol 2012, Grand Finale (Video)

Phillip Phillips’ reaction after winning American Idol season 11 demonstrated what being “humble in victory” means.

Phillip Phillips won the American Idol 2012 title and the coronation took place on May 23 during the grand finale results show.

It was a tearful Phillip who sang his first single “Home” to the applauding audience in the auditorium. He stopped singing before he was able to finish his song because he was overwhelmed by his emotions. Watch video here.

Anyone’s heart would go out for this simple guitar-slinging young man, who just wanted to try his luck on American Idol and had rarely imagined he would be the next American Idol.

Jessica was truly graceful in defeat as well. These young people showed the world the true meaning of sportsmanship. Jessica’s fans should emulate their idol’s maturity and good breeding. This 16 year old would surely conquer new frontiers, with her optimism.

When interviewed by FOX All Access, Phillip Phillips said

“Just shocked, can’t believe it. It was crazy.”

He also stated that people should remain true to themselves. He thanked all his fans saying he wouldn’t be there without them.

In another interview by Pia Toscano, American Idol season 10 contestant, Phillip replied to Pia’s question about what he was thinking while singing his coronation song. Pia said that his last performance made everybody cry. Phillip said he was not really thinking about the song but his challenging American Idol journey.

Phillip said he was excited to do more albums and get his music out there and hope people would like it. He was also excited about the American Idol 2012 LIVE tour this summer with the rest of his American Idol family.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ parting words were:

“I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again.”

Phillip Phillips interviewed by FOX All Access

Video Credit: FOX All Access /YouTube

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  1. . . .in the past i’m not too keen about AMERICAN IDOL but since i heared a FILIPINO blood is competing again in the person of JESSICA SANCHEZ – i get glued to the news on the contest. I love JESSICA’s voice but since she lost to PHILIPS i felt SAD. On the other hand i was touched to hear PHILIPS will be knifed again of his KIDNEY – my admiration for their high spirits. To SHOWBIZ producers out there maybe it’s FUN and money making if JESSICA and PHILIPS will join forces in whatever ENTERTAINMENT scenario that maybe thought of. GOOD LUCK to both of them.


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