Philippines’ Celebrities Tweet about National Elections’ Endorsements and Thoughts

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrities tweeted about their senatorial bets, endorsements and thoughts on Twitter as the 2013 National and Local Elections are pushing through tomorrow, Monday, May 13, 2013.

There are tweets worrying about whether results could be hacked, like this RT from Ruffa Gutierrez:

“RT @MayorPieAlvarez: Can the PCOS transmittal be hacked?!!! been getting alarming messages about the hacking of results, is this even possible? #Halalan2013”


Some stars endorsed their bets for the elections, like Megastar Sharon Cuneta, who endorsed Mary Grace Poe and Bam Aquino for senators.


Movie actor-host Marvin Agustin, on the other hand, did not name names but, instead, expressed his dismay over the worsening traffic problems in Metro Manila, saying people should not vote for those who are responsible for this problem.


Movie star Bianca Gonzalez gave some pointers to voters and provided a link to an ABS-CBN web page that featured the stand of the different candidates regarding national key issues, such as, the RH Bill, divorce, increased wages, and other national concerns.


Jim Paredes, member of the popular singing group, APO Hiking Society, had openly endorsed some candidates.


These endorsements may be considered by their fans but Filipinos would still vote for their own choice of candidates. The whole world watches as the polls open tomorrow, May 13, 2013 for the Philippine national and local elections 2013.

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