Pacquao Congratulates Zou Shiming for Winning by Unanimous Decision, Watch Live Updates

Manny Pacquiao congratulated Zou Shiming for his win via unanimous decision in retaining his title. Shiming’s boxing opponent, who is a look-alike of the Pacman, has injured Shiming’s eyebrow that caused bleeding and hematoma.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Macau
Zou Shiming wins

However, Zou Shiming won convincingly.

Pacquiao vs Algieri is the main event in Macau, and boxing fans are thrilled about it. Will Pacquiao win over the bigger and taller Algieri? Fans are positive he can.

Manny Pacquiao’s training has been extensive and intensive, so there’s no reason he cannot.

Meanwhile, Pacquio tweeted this message from his official Twitter account:

You can watch live updates at


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