Oblation Run 2012: Angeles City, Pampanga (Video)

MANILA, Philippines – The Oblation Run in Angeles City, Pampanga occurred at around 12 noon when a bus load of Oblation runners, members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO), alighted from the bus from a corner of the MacArthur Highway and started running.

Curious onlookers lined up the streets as the Oblation runners ran the length of the street; most of them masked and in their birthday suits, while some have bravely removed their masks to reveal their faces.

The Oblation Run is annually done by APO UP students, and is observed by most members of the fraternity nationwide.

Others who participated in this event are UP Manila, UP Diliman, and students from Bulacan.

The 2012 UP Manila Oblation Run, also called the Ritual Dance of the Brave, was established by the APO fraternity in 1977 and has since been celebrated annually by APO fraternities in UP schools nationwide.

The theme for this year is: “Internet Freedom.” This is timely because of the Cybercrime law which is presently under debate.

The law allows a site to be taken down without notice, if it’s perceived to be defamatory to a certain person or organization, a concept that bloggers, most educators, and Internet savvy individuals rejected.

Does the Oblation Run have a genuine role in today’s society?

The APO fraternity believes so.

Click HERE to watch video.

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