New Videocam Caught Cedric Lee Kissing Deniece Cornejo in Elevator

The new videocam disclosed by NBI/ABS-CBN has captured the scene in the elevator when Cedric Lee was kissing Deniece Cornejo in both sides of the base of her ears. This was reportedly taken after the group mauled actor Vhong Navarro, last month.

Cedric Lee

It can be recalled that the two have denied any relationship but friends. Deniece has charged actor Vhong Navarro with rape.

Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee and company were charged among other charges, serious physical injuries and serious illegal detention.

Below is the video released by the NBI.

Cedric Lee kisses Deniece Cornejo

Video credit: ABS-CBNOnline/YouTube

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