Netizens on Twitter React to “Angry Birds” disclosure as a Spying Portal for US and UK

Netizens on Twitter has reacted to the news that the “Angry Birds” game is being used by the US and British agencies as a spying portal. This was revealed, reportedly, by papers leaked by Snowden. Read the news HERE.


On Twitter, here are some reactions of users:

jeffery phillips@jefferyphillip5

“Flappy birds should be called angry birds cause it is so aggravating #angry

Timo W@pegcitytimo 2h

“Why is NASA attacking Birds? #angry

ZVCK ZVNCOF$KY@ZackSaysHigh 2h

“Flappy Birds makes me more angry than Angry Birds ever did. #angry #flappybirdprobs

Angry Birds” has trended also on Twitter, as more people became aware of the news reports. The US and British agencies, however, denied the reports.

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