NASA Reports “Bright Sky Event” Over Southeastern, United States

NASA reported a “bright sky event” over Southeastern United States on June 29, 2015 at 12:29:30 AM CDT (1:29:30 EDT).


Meteor-across-SE-bright event
Bright Sky Event, Image credit: NASA


The event recorded by 5 NASA cameras displayed the characteristics of space debris and not of a meteor.

The “bright sky event” was reported as fireballs by 132 people in the US states of Georgia, GA, TN, AL, NC, VA, FL, LA, SC, KY, WV and PA.

According to NASA, the object was streaking through the sky slower than a meteor and has reportedly scattered into various smaller debris as it made its way over Southeast America.

This is not the first time that sky events or fireballs are being reported by sky watchers.

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