NASA Releases Incredible Pictures of Earth and Pluto

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has released incredible pictures of the Earth and Pluto.

The photo of Earth tagged, “Blue Marble”, features the Earth in all its shining beauty, and yes, the world we live in is a perfect oval. The image was taken by the DSCOVR satellite.

The flyby of New Horizons of Pluto has also send back numerous pictures of Pluto that allowed us to know more about this smallest planet.


“Blue Marble” Earth, Image credit: NASA




pluto 2


pluto 3


pluto 4


pluto 5


pluto new1


pluto's moon


It’s surprising to learn that NASA has also sent groups undersea where astronauts and those concerned with space exploration are trained for three weeks fin preparation of space flights.


NASA undersea training


According to NASA the training undersea is the closest space training that the group can undergo.

Next target is man’s trip to Mars.

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