Napoles Wanted for Serious Illegal Detention, Miss World Philippines Coronation, US-PH Talks on Increase US Presence, Megalotto Lone Winner of 32 Million

MANILA, PhilippinesJanet Lim-Napoles and her brother, Reynald Lim, are wanted for serious illegal detention. They are still at large and Judge De Lima has reportedly advised them to surrender. Perhaps, a cash reward on their heads would hasten their capture because everyone would then be looking for them.

Meanwhile, the Miss World Philippines Coronation will be held on Sunday, August 18, 2013 with the 26 candidates ready to pit their wares with one another. The winner would compete at the Miss World 2013 International Pageant, which would be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 28, 2013.

miss world PH Megalotto

The US-PH talks about the increased presence of the US military in the Philippines had awakened some dormant groups, who have always protested the presence of foreign intervention in Philippines’ soil. It is inevitable that the country would seek US intervention in the face of serious outside threat, so what is the point of delaying the process? Plans and mechanisms should be in place, in case. It is good to be prepared at all times.

Another good news is that one lucky winner won the Megalotto jackpot amounting to Php 32,874,460.00 this August 16, 2013. There are consolation prizes worth, Php 5,000 and Php 1,500.

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