NaNoWrimo: Day 11 – My Progress

11 days into NaNoWrimo, barely surviving and hanging on with the tips of my “claws” (I’ve grown claws now…lol), and ready to throw in the towel.   Well, you see,  I  scanned  the first paragraph of my “novel”,  and  I have a niggling feeling  this  won’t be  given great reviews by the critics later on.   It lacks the “IT” factor.  If it’s blood, it’s grossly anemic.

But at my age, you’d think I’d be wiser, so I’ll gladly assume that role.  Quitters never win!

Dragon Ages as Cropped by Nikes Alviz

Courtesy of Dragon Ages by Nikes Alviz

And would you believe that most of the NaNoWrimo participants are young people?   I really felt “antiquated”   (Yes, Jan Geronimo, like I belonged to the museum.)  The feeling was momentary though,  because I believe that writing is ageless, and it would give me immense pleasure to finally fulfill one of the things in my Bucket List.

Furthermore, the characters in the novel are now taking over the story of their own lives, in what is supposed to be MY story.   Could you believe that?  Now, I understand what novelists say about the story shaping up by itself.   I have to stop typing for the moment,   lest these characters would take me into the burning inferno of the Hades.  One character already had decided to be the “black tar” on Ash Wednesday, veering the plot into some unknown  territory!

A little help from my friends:  The Power 50 groupDiTesco and the rest – had been most encouraging.

There’s no turning back now,  do or die!  Go,  go, go, NaNoWrimo participants:  Holly, Heather, and Doc Z !

See you around , folks.

14 thoughts on “NaNoWrimo: Day 11 – My Progress”

  1. Well you are right about quitters not winning, so now you will have to go all the way, lol. And if you ask me, you are already a winner. I mean just by particpating is already a feat in itself. Think about the millions who are not even there, simply because they do not have what “IT” takes to be there.

  2. Ditesco is right, he said it all but I still wish to congratulate you for continuing your passion and fight for #Nano! You guys are courageous and fearless! ^^ All the best!

    *Will the novel ever be published, an ebook maybe?* ^^

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    • Hello Ching,

      Indeed, DiTesco is right. lol… I have to continue with the “fight”. Do , or do not, there is no try: the cry of Master Yoda in Star Wars. And since I’m a Jedi Blogger, I will have to continue. All the best.


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