My Experience in Transferring from a Free Webhost to a Paid Webhost (Host Gator)

I had been searching for a webhost that was affordable and with great features as well that it took me a long time to decide which one to use.  I researched online for users’ documentation of the pros and cons of each webhost.  Finally, I decided to try Host Gator.


It was a baptism of fire for me and Roy dela Cruz as our blogs both got infected with an Iframe virus when I asked for his help to transfer my files from my free webhost to  Host Gator.   We were not successful though and I was about to throw in the towel when even after several days, my site was still down.  I had eyed warily the buttons and tabs not knowing what to do next.  I was clueless as Jan Geronimo would describe.   I knew nothing – nada – zilch!

I knew I had to go on, though as I couldn’t remain forever depending on my friends to do the heavy tasks of a webmaster.   If I wanted to “grow” in blogging then I have to graduate from the ABCs of elementary blogging and proceed to “high school”.


I was certain, it would take me forever, but I had to DO IT myself or I’ll never learn!  Through the motivation of my friends, DiTesco, Holly, Heather and the rest of the group and with the technical support personnel of Hostgator, who were most helpful and quick in their response, I was able to transfer my files to my public_html.   See? Now I know what it is…he he he.   Through their video tutorials and their online chat system, I also learned how to edit my wp_user, “tinker” with my file manager,   tweak my MySQl@ and breeze through my cpanel with at least a modicum of expertise.


Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz
Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz

What more, I learned now how to use the basic wordpress tabs and “commands”.  Whew! I am now slowly bringing in more “furniture”.  I had changed my theme 5-6 times before I settled for this green one.  Green and blue are my favorite colors!

I hope you’ll drop by my new home too as often as you visited my previous blogs.  Don’t worry coffee, san mig light, chocolates and shakes are always ready for you!

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31 thoughts on “My Experience in Transferring from a Free Webhost to a Paid Webhost (Host Gator)”

  1. Yay!!! It’s looking great, Jen. And major kudos to Hostgator for being so helpful – I’m glad that you’re happy with them and your experience with tech support, despite all the initial difficulties. They are, after all, my neighbors here in Houston!

    It’s a learning experience, and in a way, you’ve just leaped to the head of the class through your diligence. Good for you! Glad to have you back in the blogging world, too.

  2. Hi, Jena! Thanks for the mention, so sweet of you! I’m so glad this worked out for you. All the bloggy, webby, back-end stuff makes me want to poke bamboo shoots under my fingernails just to distract me from the mental anguish.

    You wear it well. 🙂

    • I’m still learning, but I’m not in a hurry, there are endless things to learn and I’m a willing student. I hope I could cope up physically . Sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is they say.

    • Hello Rey,

      So you like green too! peace be with you. I come from the Valley of Ealdor to bring gifts to you, he he he, It’s not important whether it’s a free or paid webhost, what counts most is the content, and you have wonderful content Rey. I’m still not giving up on you with the NANOWRIMO. It’s a challenge Rey, grab it. It would be more interesting because 4 of us will be there.

      • hehe! unfortunately, i’m not the type to change already made decisions. tee hee hee. i will try next year! i need more writing practice first. 😀 but thank you so much for the vote of confidence.

  3. yay. Congrats Jen with new home (well blog home at least). I’m glad you decided to stay with this theme. Now, look at you talking MySql, public_html and the sorts. Pretty soon you will be offering services of migration to bloggers who do not have the technical knowledge to do so, lol. I’ll say you’ve passed high school and now in your first year of college, hehe. Keep it up and again, congrats

  4. After all those sleepless nights and worried days, the blog is up and is looking fantastic! Wow! This could be our new “tambayan.”

    I am glad that we have friends who are in the know and are willing to share with us those precious information about all these stuff. Frankly, if not for the hands on experience, I wouldn’t have learned. Okay, I am lying a bit, I had lots of help. he he he.

    Again, congratulations with your new site and hopefully all of your blogs would have a home in your host.


    When is the house warming?


  5. First visit here so no comparisons can be made, but based on what others are saying I believe you did a fantastic job. ^^ The header is welcoming, green is always good for the eyes. All the best!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  6. i never dared transfer my blogspots. first, it was the fear of losing my posts. second, i don’t want to go through all the hassles.

    but now, i feel i made the right decision. those old blogs helped me push my posts SEO-wise.

  7. Have you already moved all the furniture here? Nice, now I can pay you a visit. Ahahaha. It’s funny how I managed to skip this post. I kept track of the group email re the blow by blow account of you and Roy’s struggles. That must be it. I blame the email, fooling me to think I’ve been already here when clearly I wasn’t.

    Did that pass muster? I’m ready to blurt out that the dog ate my homework if the previous one doesn’t hold water. 🙂


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